Alicia Manley, L.M.T.
Alicia Manley

Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, 1994;
Owner and Therapist - Still Waters Massage Therapy
Helping people achieve their best health and comfort for long lasting physical wellness and quality of life.

I combine Eastern and Western techniques in a slow rhythm and deep pressure where called for to get the best results. I am a mother of four wonderful people who are a true joy to me. I enjoy being with friends, cooking, dancing, getting outdoors and staying active. I am optimistic with a very practical foundation.

"Let your Faith be bigger than your Fear"

Carly Cotnoir, L.M.T.

You will really enjoy your treatment with Carly. She has a gift for finding your sensitive spots and you can trust her intuitive touch to not go too deep. She has a caring spirit that will put you right at ease.

Carly has been working with holistic touch therapies for a few years before completing the highly accredited program at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy.


Massage therapy for me is essential for health. Currently, a 10 weeks ago shoulder break is being put back in order! I am very happy to have found a therapist who can address the issues as they occur. - today right sciatic area too. Thank you for helping me optimize myself! - HT
I was experiencing a lot of neck and shoulder discomfort. I’ve been going for massages (elsewhere) every month, but the pain came back within a few days. After I had a massage with Alicia, it’s been a week and the pain hasn’t come back yet. Today was my 2nd massage and I feel great. I could move my neck much better than when I came in. Let's see what the 3rd time is like. -CK
Came in hurting, left not. Felt amazing, would like to come back tomorrow. - KH
Thank you thank you! Your understanding of my body’s quirks was amazing - I am already feeling some relief. I can’t wait to come back - my shoulders, hips, and neck will feel so much better - as well as my mind!! Thanks so much - RD
Eagerly awaiting massage #2 today after feeling much relief at the last massage. Reduction in neck + shoulder tension helps me maintain better posture and I’ve had fewer headaches! Don’t forget to breathe 🙂 - SG