Alicia Manley, L.M.T.
Alicia Manley

Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, 1994;
Owner and Therapist - Still Waters Massage Therapy
Helping people achieve their best health and comfort for long lasting physical wellness and quality of life.

I combine Eastern and Western techniques in a slow rhythm and deep pressure where called for to get the best results. I am a mother of four wonderful people who are a true joy to me. I enjoy being with friends, cooking, dancing, getting outdoors and staying active. I am optimistic with a very practical foundation.

"Let your Faith be bigger than your Fear"

Shamika Lopez, L.M.T.
Shamika Lopez

Shamika Lopez will melt away stress and pain your from neck and shoulders using Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques.

Shamika graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2017. She then gained valuable treatment experience while at a busy day spa in Worcester.

Her caring approach is paired with deep tissue techniques to give that Just Right level of relief that we are known for here at Beyond Still Waters Massage.


Massage therapy for me is essential for health. Currently, a 10 weeks ago shoulder break is being put back in order! I am very happy to have found a therapist who can address the issues as they occur. - today right sciatic area too. Thank you for helping me optimize myself! - HT
I was experiencing a lot of neck and shoulder discomfort. I’ve been going for massages (elsewhere) every month, but the pain came back within a few days. After I had a massage with Alicia, it’s been a week and the pain hasn’t come back yet. Today was my 2nd massage and I feel great. I could move my neck much better than when I came in. Let's see what the 3rd time is like. -CK
Came in hurting, left not. Felt amazing, would like to come back tomorrow. - KH
Thank you thank you! Your understanding of my body’s quirks was amazing - I am already feeling some relief. I can’t wait to come back - my shoulders, hips, and neck will feel so much better - as well as my mind!! Thanks so much - RD
Eagerly awaiting massage #2 today after feeling much relief at the last massage. Reduction in neck + shoulder tension helps me maintain better posture and I’ve had fewer headaches! Don’t forget to breathe 🙂 - SG